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  • Improve your movement patterns, excite the nervous system, and accelerate skill transfer, all BEFORE picking up a bat.


    • Higher Quality Swings

    • More Effective Practice

    • Better Time Efficiency

    • Deeper Understanding of Movement and Skill Work

    • Over 50 Pages, Optimized for Device Viewing

    • Private Access to Author

    • Programming and Periodization Considerations

    • Customizable Preparation Routines

    • Delivered to Your Inbox Instantly!

    • Exclusive Movement Video Database

    • Scientific Theory and Application

    • When, Why, and How for All Med Ball Throws


    Advanced Hitting Preparation bridges the gap between strength and skill work by providing a detailed discussion and framework for hitting preparation. With over 50 full-color pages (all optimized to work on any device) and over 70 high-definition movement videos, players, parents, and practitioners alike will rethink their approach when preparing to hit.


    Author Kyle Brennan, CSCS and pro ball hitting coach, applies his experience and expertise to bring you a unified view of movement work as it pertains to skill training.

    Advanced Hitting Preparation

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