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Advanced Hitting Preparation

Get more out of your cage sessions.

Don't pick up a bat until you've prepared yourself for high quality work. Advanced Hitting Preparation demands quality over quantity, from the first swing to the last.

Stop Wasting Time

If you use the first 15 minutes of swings to get loose, you're doing it wrong.

Advanced Hitting Preparation will enhance the effectiveness of your hitting skill work. In this book, you will learn:

  • Why training to swing and training to throw MUST be different.

  • How to prime your body and nervous system for immediate maximal output.

  • What physical qualities (strength, power, speed, etc.) to prioritize.

  • And so much more!

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Kyle (Machine) Brennan is one of the smartest and most dedicated people I have met in the baseball world. When I saw that he put out an ebook on hitting prep work I didn't hesitate to make the small investment in order to learn from his expertise. The book is very well done, has great information for any player at any level, and takes complicated material and makes it digestible and actionable.  I have already started using many of Kyle’s programming with my own son. 

Tim LaMonte, Major League Assistant Hitting Coach - Cincinnati Reds

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  • Higher Quality Swings

  • More Effective Practice

  • Better Time Efficiency

  • Deeper Understanding of Movement and Skill Work

  • Over 50 Pages, Optimized for Device Viewing

  • Private Access to Author

  • Programming and Periodization Considerations

  • Customizable Preparation Routines

  • Delivered to Your Inbox Instantly!

  • Exclusive Movement Video Database

  • Scientific Theory and Application

  • When, Why, and How for All Med Ball Throws

Advanced Hitting Preparation bridges the gap between strength and skill work by providing a detailed discussion and framework for hitting preparation. With over 50 full-color pages (all optimized to work on any device) and over 70 high-definition movement videos, players, parents, and practitioners alike will rethink their approach when preparing to hit.

Author Kyle Brennan, CSCS and professional baseball hitting coach, applies his experience and expertise to bring you a unified view of movement work as it pertains to skill training.

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