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Logan O'Hoppe

MLB Catcher - Los Angeles Angels

Kyle Brennan has bettered the baseball community with his teaching and knowledge of the game. His ability to work with people is something you don’t come across very often. What i’ve been impressed with and what has helped me personally is Kyle’s ability to get points and ideas across to all different kinds of brains. Everyone is different in ways they learn and operate. Kyle does an amazing job adapting to every kind of athlete in order to make sure they get the most out of what they’re doing. Furthermore, he is very advanced in his craft. I’ve taken a lot of what he knows and have applied it to my game and it has resulted in significant improvement and helped me in my professional baseball career. We need more people like Kyle Brennan throughout the baseball community!

Pat Cantwell

MLB Bullpen Catcher - Texas Rangers

Kyle’s knowledge extends beyond baseball. His unique understanding of the way the human body works and how to apply that to baseball, catching specifically, allows him to get the most out of the players he works with. Being a former Division 1 catcher Kyle understands what it takes to perform at the next level. His talent lies in being able to teach the information he has in a way that is easily understood by players and coaches at any level.

Tom Downey

Scout - Philadelphia Phillies

I've known Kyle for nearly a decade. Of the countless players and families over the past 18 years, I've coached, scouted and mentored; Kyle has been of the most, if not the most focused, dedicated, and hard-working of them all. Work ethic is a unique talent that many claim to have, but with Kyle, it was never questioned.


I've seen Kyle transition from player to coach. His love and passion for the game prove even stronger in his interaction with young players. He brings energy to the table and can get his point across to an array of different learning styles. He adapts to get the most out of each player. As a collegiate athlete, Kyle was able to improve his mobility while gaining significant strength as well as anyone I've ever seen. With his training as a strength coach, drive for development, genuine nature, and the first-hand experience, I am confident in recommending him to players of all ages and skill levels.

Tim LaMonte

Major League Assistant Hitting Coach - Cincinnati Reds

Kyle (Machine) Brennan is one of the smartest and most dedicated people I have met in the baseball world. When I saw that he put out an ebook on hitting prep work I didn't hesitate to make the small investment in order to learn from his expertise. The book is very well done, has great information for any player at any level, and takes complicated material and makes it digestible and actionable.  I have already started using many of Kyle’s programming with my own son.  - Tim LaMonte  Assistant Hitting Coach Cincinnati Reds

Sarah Edwards

Hitting Development Coach - Philadelphia Phillies. Professional Softball Player - Team Italy

I met Kyle in my freshman year at Buffalo and he was an immediate influence on the betterment of my work ethic, knowledge of the sport, and understanding of what it took to be truly dedicated to one’s craft. A starter for over 3 years, his goal was to always be the most elite catcher in the MAC conference. His character as a teammate, student-athlete and friend was always exceptional. A lot of our baseball conversations would quickly become filled with exercise science jargon and every day I learned something new from him. His teammates used to heckle him good-naturedly for how seriously he took strength training, mobility and nutrition. He was a real student of the game and was always excited to share his knowledge with others.​   Since those younger years I’ve had the pleasure of keeping in touch with Kyle. His success in baseball, in player development and particularly in catching performance has been no surprise. As a coach and a mentor, Kyle is someone who cares, is eager to understand and help fulfill your goals, and will always give his honest opinion. He kindly continues to be a source of knowledge for me to this day. I would recommend him to anyone. Time bettering yourself with him will be time well-spent and a great investment in your career.

Straton Poderas

A+ Catcher - Los Angeles Angels

Kyle is an excellent example of where coaching is headed. Incorporating every facet of his coaching including skill work, leadership, strength & conditioning, mobility, and analytics. He makes sure to round out the athlete and ensure every small detail is covered. Most importantly, he does an incredible job of being able to communicate to all levels of knowledge and skill from the most elementary to professionals.

Matt Reistetter

AAA Catcher - Washington Nationals

KB is a highly educated individual who combines his background in exercise science with knowledge in baseball to create a very constructive learning environment for all ages and skill levels.

Chris Reyes

USA Baseball, CatcherMTRX Founder

From a young athlete until now Kyle has always stood out in terms of leadership and his understanding of Catching and how the mind and body works.    These skills coupled with his education and caring for people are exactly what our culture needs moving forward.    Any athlete that gets to train with Kyle is in great hands.

USA Baseball.jpeg

Robert Mascia

Father and Coach of Perfect Game Nationally-Ranked Team/Son

My son Robbie has worked with Kyle for over a year.  As a 13 year old catcher who plays in many national tournaments, his defense as a catcher is incredibly important to the success of his team.  He has seen many different catching instructors over the years, none of which has had the impact on him that Kyle has.  His knowledge of the catching position is incredible, but I think that it is Kyle’s demeanor and personality that has really created a bond between them.  Robbie really enjoys working with Kyle, in large part because Kyle is very easy going, mild mannered, and easy to talk to.  He also makes sure that Robbie warms his body up the right way, which is super important, especially as he becomes a young man.  I have seen players get hurt many times, and most of the time it comes from not properly warming up their body.  He has given Robbie strategies on how to g* his body ready before games.  Another big part of every lesson includes discussions about his technique, why it worked, why it didn’t work, and what he can do to make it better.  This gives Robbie the strategies necessary to make in game adjustments.


As a coach of some of the most talented players in the northeast, it’s so important that players need to be able to self assess and make their own adjustments, not only in one weekend or one game, but adjustments from pitch to pitch, either as a hitter or a catcher.  As a coach, it becomes impossible to give advice and tips after each pitch to each player.  Coaches want players who are able to make adjustments and change during the game.  This is one of the best parts of working with Kyle, he gives his players the ability to assess performance and make in-game adjustments.  He has helped Robbie become a much better defensive player in just a year of working together.  


Kyle’s knowledge of the game is incredible.  As a lifelong baseball player and coach from tee ball to varsity, I have been amazed at all of the baseball knowledge I have yet to learn!  Kyle has shown me exactly how much I all still have to learn about the finer points of the game.  He has helped Robbie in every aspect of baseball. 

Anthony Filippi

Father of D1 Ballplayer, Former College Player and Coach

I have played college baseball, coached at the college and high school levels, and am lucky enough to have a son that is now playing division 1 baseball.  My son has been hitting with Kyle for several years.I can easily say I have learned as much from watching Kyle’s lessons as my son has participated in them.


Kyle brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of not only hitting but on how to coach athletes and get the most out of them.  It’s a rare talent to find someone that not only knows the information but can relay it effectively to athletes of all different capabilities.


Kyle not only works with the physical approach of hitting but also the mental aspect behind it.  The constant challenge Kyle provides has led to incredible advances in my son’s ability to recognize pitches, make the correct pitch selection, and overall mechanics of his swing.  The biggest advancements have come in his preparation to hit and his mental approach to his at-bats.


Kyle encourages him to be challenged and even fail at times to learn from those mistakes.  I can tell you his approach has not only helped lead my son to become a better hitter but also a better athlete and most importantly a better person.  


If you do have an opportunity to hit, field, or talk with Kyle, take advantage of that time. You won’t be disappointed

Lou Petrucci.jpg

Lou Petrucci

Baseball Author, High School Coach, Former Pro Ball Umpire

Without question, Kyle Brennan's passion and commitment to the great game of baseball will be evident the minute you hear him speak and teach. Coach Brennan's free and easy style of teaching inspires players of all levels to improve their game. He will never raise his voice to teach, Coach Brennan engages each athlete with a unique vernacular that players of all levels connect with and learn from. Kyle Brennan, easily, will turn your catcher from a retriever to a receiver in no time at all. There is no one on Long Island better suited to help your athlete lift and improve his skill set than Kyle Brennan, a true Catching Machine.


Baseball Mom

“My son has been training with Kyle for a few years now. The impact he has had on my son is beyond what he probably knows. He has grown as a phenomenal catcher but more importantly as a young man. The respect and dignity he gives to him as a young ball player is amazing. Kyle, you have become a role model to my son and  I can’t thank you enough for that !!!!!!”


Father of Four

Kyle has worked with my 14-year-old son for nearly 4 years. He has turned him into a receiver, blocker, and a stellar defensive catcher an asset behind the plate. His footwork and mechanics are light years better than they were before working with Kyle. Kyle’s knowledge of situational baseball, his patience, and temperament in teaching are exceptional. My son looks forward to every workout!


Father and Youth Coach

My son has had a tremendous experience thus far. He is typically a quiet kid, but he's responded very well to Kyle from the get-go. I can already see a difference in his play, but more importantly, with his confidence and desire to continually improve. He knows he has a long way to go, but he really looks forward to continuing with Kyle. Kyle is very grounded and dedicated; he does an amazing job.

Ben Haefner.jpeg

Ben Haefner

DPT, D1 Player - Sam Houston St., Univ. at Buffalo

As a former teammate of Kyle and follower since the beginning, I could not be more excited about the launch of this website. To date, Kyle’s enhanced knowledge of human movement and vast experience have allowed him to provide top-notch instructional information to his clients and followers consistently. His obsessive attention to detail and intense desire to learn will drive him to stay on the cutting edge of performance training and catching instruction. As a student-athlete, Kyle consistently exhibited the best work ethic I have ever been around and never took shortcuts when it came to his training or studies. I can assure his future clients will get the same tireless effort and attention to detail that he applied to his training. Prospective next level athletes and catchers are doing themselves a disservice if they are not utilizing Kyle’s expertise to improve themselves.

Ryan Goodell

Owner and DPT of Resurgence Physical Therapy, Former D1 Player

Kyle is one of the most knowledgeable and disciplined coaches I know. His knowledge of baseball, experience as a catcher, and training programs are the best around. He will definitely help you maximize your skill, potential, and knowledge of the game.

Ryan Goodell.jpeg
Luke Filippi.jpg

Luke Filippi

IF - University at Albany, Suffolk County Silver Slugger Award

I have worked with Kyle for two years now and I have to say that he is probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me with all aspects of the game.  One thing I respect about Kyle is his ability to evaluate my skills and then give me suggestions to help me improve my game. He is able to explain changes in a way that makes sense and are easily implemented.  Kyle has definitely helped me to become a better hitter and all-around player. He doesn’t just coach the game, he coaches the individual as well and that has helped me to achieve my goal becoming a college baseball player.

Matt Tempone

Catcher - University of Rhode Island

Kyle Brennan is one of the most knowledgeable catchers I’ve ever met. Every single time I see him I learn something new. His impressive background leads to his incredible ability to pinpoint issues with my defense. Not only is Kyle well versed in catching, but he is also knowledgeable in body movements and stretches, providing a unique perspective on catcher specific movements that lead to success. His positive attitude and dedication to helping every single person he works with is truly impressive. His true love for the game and the position shows in his teaching. Kyle has played an important role in my development as a catcher, and I will always return to him for pointers and suggestions.

Matt Tempone.jpeg
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